July 03, 2020

We have four papers accepted at ECCV 2020

We have four papers accepted at the 16th European Conference on Computer Vision. Congratulations!!

  eccv20_prs   Imbalanced Continual Learning with Partitioning Reservoir Sampling
Chris Dongjoo Kim, Jinseo Jeong and Gunhee Kim
  eccv20_mabas   Character Grounding and Re-Identification in Story of Videos and Text Descriptions (Spotlight)
Youngjae Yu, Jongseok Kim, Heeseung Yun, Jiwan Chung and Gunhee Kim

  eccv20_wsol   Rethinking Class Activation Mapping for Weakly Supervised Object Localization
Junhyug Noh, Wonho Bae and Gunhee Kim

  eccv20_model   Model-Agnostic Boundary-Adversarial Sampling for Test-Time Generalization in Few-Shot learning (Oral)
Jaekyeom Kim, Hyoungseok Harry Kim and Gunhee Kim

ECCV 2020 will be held on Aug 23-28, 2020.