Sangho Lee

- Master Student



B.S : Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Seoul National University
March 2010 ~ February 2017


  • Sangho Lee, Jinyoung Sung, Youngjae Yu and Gunhee Kim, A Memory Network Approach for Story-based Temporal Summarization of 360° Videos, CVPR 2018.
  • Youngjae Yu, Sangho Lee, Joonil Na, Jaeyun Kang and Gunhee Kim, A Deep Ranking Model for Spatio-Temporal Highlight Detection from a 360° Video, AAAI 2018 (Spotlight).
  • Seil Na, Sangho Lee, Jisung Kim(SKT) and Gunhee Kim, A Read-Write Memory Network for Movie Story Understanding, ICCV 2017.